Alert Management Centre

Ensure the right information is being delivered to the right people across your organization in a timely and efficient way.

The Alert Management Centre is fully integrated with Alerts on
Westlaw Canada

Administrators have additional alert management functionality built right into their alerts page on Westlaw Canada.
The Alert Management Centre is fully integrated with Alerts on WestlawNext Canada

The Alert Management Centre provides enhanced alert and newsletter functionality

Advanced features give administrators the ability to streamline the alert management process across the organization.
  • Make changes to multiple alerts at once
  • Create and edit alerts on behalf of others
  • Add category tags to alerts for precise organization and filtering
  • Assign private alert privileges to users, enabling them to set up alerts visible only to them
  • Add your logo to the top of alerts and newsletters

Alert access using Seamless Authentication

Organizations set up with seamless access to Westlaw Canada can create alerts visible to all users. These alerts are set up as seamless authentication alerts within Alert Management Centre, set up by firm administrators.

This will allow alert and newsletter recipients access to full text documents bypassing OnePass authentication to Westlaw Canada.

Administrators will be able to set a sponsor ID which will allow recipients with seamless authentication to achieve this access.

Features Chart

Alert Management Centre Features
Westclip/KeyCite Alerts Administrator Regular User
Change owner of an alert yes no
Change client ID yes yes
Assign to alert group yes yes
Add categories yes no
Allow recipients to unsubscribe yes no
Use reply to address yes no
Notify me of changes to this alert (only if not a private alert) no yes
Make this a private alert no yes
(if admin has enabled the function)
Create multiple KeyCite Alerts yes no

It's essential for your legal organization to stay apprised of legal developments and changes in the law.

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