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Digest of the Week – Oppression Remedy Has No Application to Personal Disputes About Ownership of Assets

This digest highlights a British Columbia Supreme Court decision where the Court dismissed an oppression remedy application, holding that the oppression remedy has no application to personal disputes about ownership of assets.


Digest of the Week – Court has no jurisdiction to entertain dispute which is solely a matter of contract

This digest highlights a Federal Court decision where the Court dismissed an application to vary Patent Office records pursuant to an agreement to assign certain rights, holding that the court had no jurisdiction to entertain a dispute which is solely a matter of contract.


Legal Wit -

Metaphorically speaking, if the Plaintiffs proposed class action were likened to a baseball game, in their Amended Statement of Claim, they throw different types of legal pitches, and they throw many pitches.


Police Powers | Plain View

No unreasonable search where gun found in plain view during investigative detention


Epstein’s This Week in Family Law | Alienation

According to motions judge, as well as Ontario’s Court of Appeal, no person was to have custody or access rights to the parties’ children, aged 16 and 18, and access to information about each was entirely within that child’s control