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Digest of the Week — Gone Fishin'

R. v. Pick |
2014 CarswellSask 677 |
Saskatchewan Provincial Court

Natural resources | Fish and wildlife | Offences | Miscellaneous

Accused was charged with angling more than two lines in ice covered water, contrary to Fisheries Act — Accused had four lines in water as he was fishing with his 3 year old daughter — Two of these four lines belonged to daughter — Accused stated that daughter needed his help to fish — Daughter did not require fishing license as she was under 16 — Accused was tried of fisheries offence — Accused acquitted — Law in Saskatchewan, nor other provinces, did not mandate minimum age requirement for fishing — There were no specific skill levels or abilities required by person engaged in fishing so just because individual was three years of age, it did not mean that he or she could not legally fish — Accused had not violated law by having lines belonging to daughter.
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