Video | Your Fastest Way to Get Up to Speed On Any Legal Issue

Video | Your Fastest Way to Get Up to Speed On Any Legal Issue

Your Fastest Way to Get Up to Speed On Any Legal Issue

Get up to speed on a legal issue faster with westlaw Canada. Whether you’re in need of a quick refresher or you’re just starting your research on an unfamiliar topic, the Canadian Encylopedic Digest, commentary from secondary sources, Legal Memos and court documents can give you a fast start on your research. In this short 3-minute video, Sarah Matheson will take you through:

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED)

Use the CED to search by legal issue. It provides a comprehensive statement of the law with more than 225 subject titles on every aspect of Canadian law and practice. The CED is also mapped to the corresponding Abridgement classification, so it’s very easy to go from a quick overview of the law to an in-depth look at cases on point.

Legal Memos

Legal Memos are fully integrated into your search results. A free summary page gives you a sense of how detailed the memo is, along with an overview of the fact scenario it deals with. Or use a Legal Memo to start your research by searching the database by practice area and subject.

The summary page of a Legal Memo includes a list of cases and legislation cited in the memo with KeyCite flags. These KeyCite flags are automatically updated with changes in treatment, so you know whether or not the cited cases are good law.

KeyCite Canada References

If you start you research with a familiar case, KeyCite Canada citing references helps ensure you’ve found all the relevant related cases, along with the judicial treatment of the cited case.

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