Video | Enhanced Text and Annotations Library

Video | Enhanced Text and Annotations Library

Introducing the enhanced Text and Annotations Library

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Welcome to a better way – introducing a new, intuitive and streamlined research experience for the largest collection of texts and annotations for authored commentary.

Secondary Sources provide you with a strong starting point for unfamiliar areas of law and a faster way to find leading case law and persuasive authority.

In addition to our recent ProView Federated Search enhancement, we're excited to release several new enhancements designed to make your research experience easier, intuitive, and efficient.

The enhanced Texts and Annotations Library allows you to intuitively browse and search both westlaw Canada texts and annotations as well as our collection of eLooseleafs on Thomson Reuters ProView®. All this is integrated and displayed on one page!

It allows you to narrow your search using multiple filters to search by eLooseleaf titles only, texts and annotations on westlaw Canada only, or both. The enhanced page also allows you to access your favourite publications from a Favourite Publications carousel at the top of the page.

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