Custom Pages

Personalize your online legal research experience by creating a page that’s ideal for the way you work. Organize your favourite content and research tools, and clear away the rest.

Your legal research system should adapt to you,
not the other way around.

  • Make a Custom Page with frequently searched content
  • Add the research tools you use most, such as Find a Citation, KeyCite® a Citation, Folders, and Favourites
  • You can make a Custom Page your start page on Westlaw Canada
  • Create a Custom Page for your province or territory and another for your practice area – make as many as you need
  • Send a Custom Page to a colleague down the hall or in another organization

Point 1Search for content on your Custom Page the same way you would search anywhere else in Westlaw Canada.

Point 2Make a Custom Page your start page.

Point 3Drag and drop sections of your page for easy organization.
Point 4Manage your page with ease – edit it, send it to a colleague, and add content or tools.

Point 5Add convenient tools to your page to further simplify your research.

Point 6Search all the content on your custom page or select specific content to search by using the check boxes.
Build your own custom page that thinks and works the way you do.

Build your own custom page that thinks and works the way you do. Don’t stop at one. The options are endless. Make several – one for your practice area; another for your preferred jurisdiction and yet another for monitoring current events that affect your practice specialty.

Download Custom Pages Standard Fact Sheet »

Don’t keep them to yourself – send them back and forth with your colleagues. They can share their favourite sources with you and you can share yours with them. Everyone benefits.

Build your own custom page that thinks and works the way you do.

Account Administrator custom page functionality is also available that allows the creation of a master page and child pages that can be shared with multiple groups while maintaining all editorial control.

Download Custom Pages Administrator Fact Sheet »

For example;

  • A professor or teaching assistant sharing a resource page with his or her students
  • The head of a practice group sharing a custom page that reflects preferred sources for working on a specific project
  • A librarian training articling student or associates/partner and wanting the group to only focus on specific resources