Westlaw Canada’s popular federated search capability lets you search multiple content types at once.

Starting April 25, federated search will also allow you to search content on Westlaw Canada together with

supplemented looseleaf titles that are currently on the eLooseleafs on ProView (previously eReference Library

on ProView) – all from within Westlaw Canada. 


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Customer FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the ProView Federated Search enhancement on Westlaw Canada?

Westlaw Canada’s popular federated search capability lets you search multiple content types at once. Beginning April 25, federated search will also allow you to search content on Westlaw Canada together with supplemented looseleaf titles that are currently on the eLooseleafs on ProView (previously eReference Library on ProView) – all from within Westlaw Canada. 


Q: What will this mean for Westlaw Canada users? 

  • It will bring the full expertise of the entire collection of Thomson Reuters supplemented looseleaf titles together using one search.
  • Find answers more quickly and efficiently, by conducting research across multiple content sets on Westlaw Canada and the ProView platform. 
  • Discover relevant, authoritative commentary on the ProView platform that you may otherwise have overlooked in your research


Q: Is there something I need to do to enable my Westlaw Canada account to link to ProView?

There are 2 dependencies required for a subscriber to enable the Federated Search on Westlaw Canada to include eLooseleafs on Proview.

  1.  You must have active subscriptions to both Westlaw Canada and eLooseleaf titles on Proview.
  2.  You must have your appropriate registration keys set up and linked to your OnePass account.

Note: Some exceptions to the above exist where customers are accessing Thomson Reuters ProView titles via IP access.


If you experience difficulty or need assistance, please contact our Technical Support team at 1-800-387-5164 (select option 2).


Q: Why do I need to choose between Web Browser or Desktop Application?

This option is provided for users to switch from the web browser to a desktop ProView application.

Users who are coming from Federated Search on Westlaw Canada should select Web Browser, then click Launch ProView. Also, check off Remember My Choice to prevent reappearance of this prompt.



Q: Why am I being asked to sign in with OnePass?

This option may appear only if your organization is using IP authentication for access to ProView. It provides the option for individuals to switch to OnePass for personalization features.

Users seeing this prompt should select Not Now, then click Launch ProView. Additionally, the Remember My Choice checkbox will discontinue the prompt (unless browser cookies are cleared).



Q: Will there be any additional cost with this new enhancement?

No, Federated search is included in all Westlaw Canada subscriptions. Customers will require a separate subscription to any ProView title that they wish to access via the search results.


Q: Will there be a suggested chargeback for searching ProView eLooseleaf titles on

Westlaw Canada?

The additional search results from ProView will be part of the Westlaw Canada  Federated Search result list, so it will be included in the existing Westlaw Canada suggested notional chargeback for searches. Also, as is the case today, activity within ProView will not show up in the Reporting System so there will be no suggested chargeback value for activity within ProView.


Q: What happens if I click on a link to the title?

A new browser window will open to ProView, which will display the selected title and the relevant search results, as if that search had been conducted in ProView.


Q: Will I see all ProView titles?

No. You will only see the eLooseleaf titles. 


Q: Will I be able to tell which eLooseleaf titles I have a subscription to?

Yes, there will be “Out of Plan” banners beside any eLooseleaf titles to which your firm does not subscribe.


Q: What happens if I click on a link to a title to which I do not have a subscription?

You will see a page within Westlaw Canada informing you that you do not have a subscription to that title, with relevant information on how to subscribe either through your administrator or carswell.com.


Q: How many titles are available in the eLooseleafs on ProView collection?

Nearly 300 titles will be available. 


Q: Which titles are included in the eLooseleafs on ProView collection?

Here is a link to all the titles.


Q: How will search results be displayed for titles that appear on both Westlaw Canada and on ProView eLooseleafs?

Search results for any titles that appear on both Westlaw Canada and ProView will only display the Westlaw Canada versions of those titles’ search results.


Q: Will Federated Search work with ProView if I access ProView via IP authentication?

Yes, you will still log seamlessly in to ProView when you access it through a Westlaw Canada link.


Q: Is there a video that demonstrates this new enhancement?

Yes. Watch this video on Federated Search to see how ProView eLooseleafs will be incorporated on Westlaw Canada.


Q: Why are tax looseleafs not on eLooseleafs – why Taxnet Pro?

eLooseleafs on the ProView platform provides legal researchers with a unique reading/browsing experience that in some ways emulates the print experience. eLooseleaf - Westlaw Canada federated search enables legal researchers to benefit from the unique eLooseleaf experience and the powerful search capabilities of Westlaw Canada for a complete experience.


As they say, “tax is different”. In our experience, tax accountants, lawyers and researchers work very differently than other lawyers and researchers. Tax practice is dominated by tax experts who practice only tax. Few others dare to “dabble” in this complex and frequently changing area where errors can be frequent and extremely costly. By in large, tax practitioners do their own research and are principally accessing exclusively tax sources to do so. In this context, and based on customer feedback (and despite the unique reading/browsing experience of eLooseleaf on ProView), Thomson Reuters will be making available tax looseleaf content only on the Taxnet Pro platform. In this regard Taxnet Pro is more akin to the specialized Westlaw Canada Source products, which include fundamental specialized looseleafs and other publications to meet the specific needs of specialized practice areas.


Q: Will there be federated search between Taxnet Pro and eLooseleafs on Proview?

Not at this time, however Thomson Reuters continues to explore opportunities to integrate its solutions in a manner that meets the needs of professionals, including the need to enable a focused, purposeful research experience for our customers.


Q: Do you plan to integrate Westlaw Canada and Taxnet Pro?

We know there are some customers who would like to see Westlaw Canada and Taxnet Pro to have a federated or integrated experience, and we continue to explore a path to deliver an experience that will meet the needs of tax professionals, lawyers and researchers across tax and legal professions. However at this time we have nothing to announce.


Q: But your tax Annotated Annuals (like PITA and SITA) are on Proview. How do you reconcile that?

Correct: tax Annotated Annuals are on ProView. Annotated annuals are, by design, portable “on-hand” references to enable quick reference to legislation with expert guidance for context, interpretation and reference to related provisions and further reading. ProView provides a digital version to meet the mobile needs of our Annotated Annuals customers, along with links to cases on Taxnet Pro.


Q: How will you price your looseleafs on Taxnet Pro?

We have not yet finalized pricing of our looseleaf content on Taxnet Pro. Our objective is to design a model and price points that enable us to meet customer, author and corporate objectives. We expect to be able to share pricing in September 2017.


Q: When will the tax looseleafs be available on Taxnet Pro?

We expect to launch the tax looseleaf content on Taxnet Pro in Q4 2017.